Saturday, September 15, 2012

"The Houuuussssse Is Alive...With the Sound of Muuuusic"

So, this has been a very big day here in squirrel_e_girl world.

I am extraordinarily proud to announce (admit) that I, for the very first time ever in my whole entire life ...burned a CD.


I did.

(cue slow clap)






Everyone. Please.

Please take your seat.

Thank you.

You are far too kind.

Actually, the burning of said CD was the acme of a series of rather incredible events.

First...I figured out how to transfer my entire iTunes Library from my iPad to our new iMac.


I did. (please...please remain seated)

And then...
I watched some YouTube "how-to" videos and learned me how-to create a little something called a Playlist.

And then...

I created a Playlist.


I did.

And then...
I watched some YouTube "how-to" videos and learned me how-to burn a CD.

AND previously proclaimed...

I burned a CD.

Oh yeah.

The CD that was burned was The Civil Wars album called Barton Hollow.

In an earlier post, I encouraged you all to rush out and purchase this amazing album in its entirety...If you haven't already done it, do it now. Don't worry, I'll wait...

The best thing is that the CD actually worked and actually played music :D

And I was extremely excited to listen to it on my car's most excellent stereo.

You see, for the past few months I have lived a mildly muted musical existence. Our half-decent stereo decided to stop playing CDs and we've made do with a little ghetto blaster with only so-so sound.


We don't have any sort of iProduct docking station.

Nor is my 2001 Volvo XC70 equipped with the technology that would make it possible for me to listen to the jukebox that is my iPad whilst driving. It is a most excellent stereo and sounds really's just kinda old.

And the little Apple earbuds really hurt my ears with their hard plastic shells of ouchiness.

So, that means I've only been able to enjoy the spoils of my iTunes addiction by way of my iPad and its wee little speaker.


It's kinda sucky.

It does not produce a sound that is likely to break wine glasses or whip up gale force winds that would wreak havoc on my home...and my hair.



That all changed.

My Guy, in a ballsy "Robbing Peter to Pay Paul" manoeuvre, dismantled our home theatre system (we don't watch a ton of TV so it's no big shmoo) and reclaimed the receiver and swapped the DVD player with a new BluRay player and swiped the kickass killer million dollar speakers and moved everything up out of the Basement (aka Cave of the Teenaged) and into our more civilized, more main floored living room.


He bought me a little cable thingy that connects my iPad and its cherished iTunes Library to that receiver and its kickass killer speakers...



I am, as we speak, being bathed in the honey golden sound of Dallas F*%king Green's voice in majestic full surround sound.


Oh...and now I'm being followed by a MoonShadow.


Thanks, Yusuf.

And, now I being blessed with a little bit o' Zac Brown Band...

Which reminds me...


Gotta love my lovely "Freeze-Frame Face".

UGH....but I guess there is no room for vanity in vlogging.

 Well, maybe a little bit...


Didya hear the high quality tunes in the background?? ... some CSNY. Not my very first choice for background music but it took me awhile to get over myself and to stop making faces and swearing at my phone and, as a result, my first choice was looooong past.

I am so wonderfully happy that we now have the means through which to listen to music LOUD and with beautiful sound!!


I'm not sure how wonderfully happy the dogs are....

Or how deeply thrilled our tenant is ...


We may soon have a vacant apartment...

Does anyone know anyone looking for a beautiful log home apartment to live in??

They must love Zac Brown Band and Dallas F&*king Green and Beck and The Civil Wars...and Style Council ... and Brad Paisley ...and Great Big Sea ...and Blue Rodeo ...and Luke Bryan ...and Pearl Jam ...and ...???



p.s. I realize that it is Saturday night and Saturday night is "squirrel_e_girl & The Girl's Country Tune of the Week" night...but I got carried away with this post and it's far too long already so I'll see you in a whole new post with our whole new Country Tune Pick.


...and Jack Johnson...and Sloan ....and Xavier Rudd ....and Foo Fighters ...and Willie Nelson...


Look what us Computer Wizards did...

My first "Outtake Reel"




Laura said...

Oh my gawd. I'm peeing my pants over the out take reel.
You get a big "slow clap" from me for that one!

I currently have no loud music since our stereo gave up the ghost a couple of years back. :( <---- very sad face.
I'm happy you've got yours back though! Maybe I'll ask for a kick ass docking system thingy for my ipod for Xmas. That will be something that hubby can (not) get for me. :P


squirrel_e_girl said...

Laura...Thanks for the slow clap, dude...very very much appreciate!! As are your comments... at least I know that between you, me and Shane, there are possibly 3 people reading my stuff...and I think he just skims ;)

Good luck with bringing loud music back into your has been so much fun. It's like I've had my own personal dance party for the past 3 days ...the most exercise I've had in decades :D

squirrel_e_girl said...

And sorry for any possible damage to any of your furniture...I hope you were sitting on a lawn chair.